Chef Aimee Hunter will be one of the chefs hosting a variety of events this season.

She is a culinary veteran who has been cooking at various venues in New York and L.A. for many years. Back in 2011, as a co-founder of the High Society Dining Club, she was listed by Flavorwire as a pop-up restaurant pioneer. She's been hosting events small and large ever since.

Aimee, now a Northern California resident, has her sights set on events that celebrate the community, it's gregarious food growers, and supporters. More about Aimee here.


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Upcoming events


The Sonoma County Ham Radio Club will be returning for their annual Field Day, where they spend 24 hours contacting as many distant ham operators as possible.


The Fabulous Women of Petaluma are having a campout and cookout on the Ranch to celebrate and promote kindness.

We are expecting a major American corporation to hold a corporate planning offsite here.


The digital strategy firm Cooper will have a celebration dinner here for many friends from around the country.

Recent events

Book signing and tasting

Chef, instructor, and author Annemarie Ahearn kicked off her book tour, introducing a new cookbook of magical, seasonal suppers. Chef Aimee Hunter hosted an evening of seasonal cocktails and bites inspired by the May menu from Annemarie’s book. Annemarie cooks and teaches at Salt Water Farm in rural Maine. The company was scintillating, the wine flowed, and the food was delicious. We are looking forward to Annemarie's return. 

cover salt water farm menus annemarie ahearn.jpg


Business offsite

In May we hosted a two-day offsite for a major American company. They spent hours drafting plans for the future on the whiteboards in the Tall Barn. In between work sessions, they ate Basque-style barbecued lamb grown right here on the Ranch by Shepherd Aaron. They also got to spend some quality time herding the sheep through Dynamite Valley. 

Pop-up dinner venue for chefs

Are you a chef looking for a magical venue for your pop-up dinner event or cooking workshop?

A winemaker looking to showcase your newest release?