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Can we choose our own caterer?

Absolutely! As long as they are a reputable crew. We encourage using local, sustainably sourced foods.

Can we bring in our own adult beverages?

Yes, please do!

Is there a kitchen on‐site we can use?

Sorry, no. Caterers can set up a cooking or BBQ area near the serving site.

Can we come out and visit the ranch to see if it’s a fit for our event?

Yes. We will be happy to introduce you to Monkey Ranch.

Are there Monkeys?

Just one. Monkey the cat.

Is there a sound system, and can we have live or DJ music?

A PA system with microphone, stand, 2-input mixer, and two amplified speakers is available to rent. Make announcements, speeches, or just play your tunes.

Are there any tables on-site that we can use?

Four 8-person rectangular tables and 6 6-person round tables are available for rent.

Are there heaters?

There are three ceiling mounted radiant heaters in the Party Barn to take the chill off. We also have a few portable propane heaters for use in the Tall Barn.

Can we bring in a tent?

It depends, but probably yes.

Can we decorate the barns and the area?

As long as you don’t make any permanent marks, sure! And please remove them when you leave.

Will Uber or Lyft come out there?

We’ve had good luck in the past, but it’s always good to double check.

Do you have caterers you recommend?

We sure do! Let us know what you are looking for.